Why Employable Me?

Want to build a better business? Create an inclusive workplace and find your next new team member with Employable Me.
APM’s Employable Me connects employers to potential candidates selected from thousands of unique and committed job seekers looking for work.
Many of these are reliable, hard-working Australians who have been overlooked by employers due to their long term unemployment or because they’re living with an injury, illness or disability.
At APM, we know the huge potential these job seekers bring and every day we see the value they add to workplaces across the country.
Finding employment is life changing for these job seekers and can bring multiple benefits for your business.

1 in 5 people in Australia have a disability. Disability is part of human diversity - and diversity is good for business.

In a recent research study, more than 90% of Australian employers reported significant organisational benefits of employing people with disability. 

Our business partners

When you sign up with Employable Me your business joins a prestigious group of companies and organisations dedicated to improving disability, diversity and inclusivity.

Signing up is the only action you need to take, we take care of everything else, including adding your roles to our job board and matching the best candidates to your team.

There’s no cost to you or your business and there’s no lock-in contract or minimum timeframes, in case you change your mind.

Once you’ve registered, let us share your first step toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation by adding your business to our growing list of Employable Me partners.

Benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace

A positive impact on workplace

Improved workplace atmosphere
and attitude

Improved creativity through an
increased variety of perspectives

Improved resilience and ability to
cope with challenges

What our clients say

"It’s the diversity in people that drives diversity in the ideas, the approaches, the understanding, and learning."
"The first thing that happened (when we hired someone with disability) was zero complaining. In a business environment people can be on edge, but once they start working with someone who’s got any level of other need, it helps them psychologically to back off a bit."
"You get repaid from a cultural perspective, probably tenfold because it completely changes people’s view of 'A', the heart and soul of the place and 'B', helps them to assess their own personal approach to work and it helps them just be better humans."
"We employed a young girl with Down Syndrome and the joy that people got from seeing her so happy, doing something and helping people. When she left there were a lot of people who said, ‘where has she gone’? ‘What happened’? Everyone noticed."

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As the largest provider of Disability Employment Services in Australia, APM is your trusted partner. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve supported more than 60,000 job seekers with a disability.

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