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“In our business, communication, customer service and trustworthiness are key,” he said.

“APM certainly matched the right person to the job. Some young people don’t know how to communicate but Chanay is confident, outgoing and brilliant with customers.

“I think most people would have no idea she has a hearing impairment. If you can’t see her Cochlear implant, you wouldn’t know.

Gary has been very happy working with APM and said Chanay is simply “one of the crew”.

She does a front of house role serving customers and making coffees and also works in the kitchen.

Describing his business as a ‘big family’, Gary said Chanay is part of the family and that they are happy to support her through any medical issues.

“The support we’ve received from APM has been phenomenal and their clients are fantastic. Everything has been spot on,” Gary said.

“People with disability are just another person and should be treated like any other applicant. It’s no biggie.”

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