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His APM employment consultant spotted the glint in Pat’s eye the first time they met. She said she knew instantly that he was going to do everything he could to get the job that would change his life.

Today, Pat is a lively, friendly face at the local country club, delivering food and drinks and clearing dishes in the busy cafe.

Popular with team members and customers alike, Pat’s friendly, warm personality is perfectly suited to a customer-facing role.

“I look forward to going to work and just meeting different people. I’ll start talking to them, and they’ll start talking to me, it's like I’m a superstar here,” Pat said.

Aside from feeling like a local celebrity, Pat is enjoying having his own income to buy the things he wants. But he still isn't backing down from a challenge.

"I'm trying to put a bit of money aside to buy a house. So far it's working,” he said.

Employable Me connects job seekers like Pat with suitable employment that brings many benefits including social connectedness and financial independence.

Employable Me is a new recruitment experience connecting employers and job seekers, powered by APM.